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Nova Scotia Child Support Calculator

Whether you are potentially a paying parent in a family court action or a parent potentially in receipt of child support payments, you can use the Nova Scotia child support calculator to get a base idea as to what you might receive in child support on a monthly basis.

Enter the total amount of income per year before tax deductions (gross annual income) in the first window, and then enter the number of children involved in the second window. Once you click on calculate, the Nova Scotia child support calculator will generate the base amount of child support that the recipient parent might be entitled to receive.

For shared custody and spousal support calculations, or to calculate support for special expenses like child care or activities, try the Divorcepath child support calculator.

With a child support action in Nova Scotia, as with any family law action, the court of jurisdiction may end up being determined depending on where in Nova Scotia you live. The Nova Scotia Supreme Court, Family Division tends to hear actions for residents of the Halifax Regional Municipality and Cape Breton. Nova Scotia Flag Other child support actions and family law matters will likely be heard in Nova Scotia Family Court. These matters can be heard at either Nova Scotia Provincial Court locations or in Nova Scotia Supreme Court locations.

If you use the child support calculator Nova Scotia on this page, know that this calculator and the information provided are here for informative purposes only. It is not meant to substitute legal representation from a qualified member of the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society. You are encouraged to seek legal advice for clarification on any legal questions through a lawyer. If you are considering self-representation, contact your local Nova Scotia courts administration office for more information and guides to help you along.

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Child Support Calculator (Shared/Split Custody)

Child support is more complex where children live with both parents (shared custody) or where there are different custody arrangements for each child.

Child Support Calculator
Family Law Nova Scotia - General Information on Child Support

Family Law Nova Scotia is a non-profit website dedicated to providing the public with family law information. Their guide to child support in Nova Scotia is extremely helpful.

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Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia - Child Support Guide

The Legal Information Society of Nova Scotia has put together a helpful guide to child support in the province of Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia Child Support
Other Calculators

The Canada Child Support Guidelines set out child support tables specific to each province and territory. We've made child support calculators specific to each province: